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All the Marketing Technology that a brand needs to do real-time, local marketing.

With BrandSigma’s Stochastic Marketing Technology, brands can make highly predictable and effective mass-marketing decisions (from TV advertising to Promotion activation). BrandSigma’s breakthrough technology is a fusion of cutting-edge marketing science and new large datasets.

BrandSigma’s team is a unique combination of world-class data scientists (GE Research), marketing gurus (Dentsu) and technology professionals (Yahoo!); it is supported by outstanding industry and science advisors from P&G, Colgate and BrandSigma has brought its powerful solutions to leading Cruise, QSR and Retail brands, among others. It also has active partnerships with top media and advertising agencies.

Here’s what our technology can provide:

Micro-Market Spend Optimization

Advertising Mix Optimization

Short Burst Campaign Management

Promotion Activation Planner

Stochastic Marketing is a complement to 1:1 (Personalized) Marketing.

Having analyzed and been part of generational shifts in other industries, BrandSigma’s team applied their experience and expertise to innovate on a new-age paradigm for marketing. A paradigm that re-defines the way brands are managed. A paradigm that positions brands to gain market shares, in a more efficient and effective way than what has been possible.

As marketing has evolved, behavioral approaches have taken precedence over demographic and psychographic profiling. 1:1 Marketing, which is inherently behavioral, is being revolutionized by Big Data. Brands already collect each consumer’s detailed behavior & history and run campaigns (Loyalty, Online) that maximize purchase potential. These techniques have also been successfully used in other industries such as credit scoring and personalized medicine.

Stochastic Marketing is the other side of the behavioral marketing coin; here consumer (stochastic) “groups” become predictable in ways that was never possible before. With consumers increasingly living digital lives, these insights are now a reality. When 1:1 and Stochastic Marketing act together, that is when magic happens for brands. Stochastic Marketing is the missing piece at most brands today. BrandSigma provides turnkey solutions that deliver on this need.


Why Stochastic Marketing? Why now?

Brands can no longer take decisions in the current volatile environment using the traditional marketing playbook. They are faced with the slowest economic recovery since WWII. In addition, consumer spending is expected to come down. Significant pressures on growth remain – saturated markets (more market share wars), increasingly fickle and fragmented consumer base, fragile brands, increased media complexity and growing power of trade.

In the past, buying reach and likeability was guaranteed to provide business results to a brand; this is no longer the case (especially for challenger brands). Social media engagement has also run its course. Even investing in incremental advertising is not working; AED (Advertising Elasticity of Demand) has been flat for more than a decade. Managing brand or media metrics is no longer a a reliable way to lift sales.

Given this context, a new marketing playbook is set to emerge. This is where BrandSigma can help brands.

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